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    Congratulations on being named a OneKEMET award winner, and welcome to the KEMET European Club of Excellence for FY 2017 and 2018. You and your guest are cordially invited to join me and members of the Leadership Team at the Sun Gardens Resort in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where we will celebrate your success and reward your achievements.

    Established in the 7th century, the city of Dubrovnik is best known for its high, sea-facing medieval walls and its Old Town, featuring a mix of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, marble-paved streets and a vibrant social scene. This stunning city’s Old Town was completed in the 13th century and remains virtually unchanged to the present day, becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

    Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925, was enchanted by this beautiful city, about which he said, “those who seek paradise on earth should come to Dubrovnik,” as well as famously describing it as “the pearl of the Adriatic.”

    I look forward to welcoming you and your guest to the European Club of Excellence and to personally thanking you for your ongoing commitment to KEMET’s success.

    Sincerely,   kemet_logo.jpg

    Per Loof